Let’s Keep our mind in balance for a better life.

Do you know that there are many ways to make our mind be in the balance position (strong/power mind)?

Has anyone ever felt that you were in various bad emotions such as depressed, stressed, or aggressive and cannot control it? All these bad feelings will be out of our control if we do not have enough mind power.

What is  mind power? Every person has mind power. It is a kind of feeling of energy. It is a positive feeling to do something. It is like an energy for our spirit to be alive and moving forward to do something.

Where does mind power come from ? How can we know if we have enough or less mind power?

The easiest way to notice: If you have enough mind power in your daily life is just to notice your feelings during the day. If a little matter can easily make you feel much depressed, stressed or aggressive, you may realize that you are going to lose the power of your mind.

In the opposite way, if you can stand or control your emotion when you are facing a big matter or problem. That means you are having much or enough mind power.

Whenever we are not calm enough, we cannot find the way to solve any problem in front of us at that time. More calm we are, the more wisdom we will have. If we can calm and concentrate on something for a while, you will find the best solution for your problem.

Let’s think about what can help us cool down and be more calm and finally go into the deep peaceful mind.

  • Listen to classical music
  • Playing music instruments
  • Painting
  • Playing sport
  • Doing some hobbies
  • Meditating
  • Others


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